Alex Powell: 60 Mini Champion of the WSK Final Cup!

Winner at the opener at Lonato and on the podium of the three 60 Mini races of the WSK Final Cup, the young Jamaican prodigy Alex Powell has won the end of season series brilliantly in particularly difficult conditions on the circuit of Adria, against much more experienced opponents.

Alex was crowned in the WSK Final Cup with a lead of more than 40 points, achieving the feat of winning in his first season in 60 Mini. Fast and combative, he has also demonstrated a remarkable maturity to overcome a formidable opposition of more than 140 drivers. The close collaboration with the Energy Corse Team proved to be very fruitful for the young driver, who had extremely powerful equipment in all circumstances, as well as strong support in his top level debut.

“What is remarkable about Alex is his ability to attack in all circumstances without making mistakes,” said Mick Panigada, Energy Corse’s boss. “He’s very fast, but he definitely has something more to make a difference. It must be said that he learns quickly and adapts easily to new situations. Here in Adria, the heats did not go ideally, but he corrected this in the final stages to move up from 19th to 3rd position. It’s exceptional at this age!”

The entire weekend at Adria took place on a wet track and most often in the rain, which limited the grip and visibility. In the agitated packs of 60 Mini, he needed to attack to move up while avoiding the jostling. Alex had started from 18th in the standings for five formidable heats. Able move in to the top three several times, he was also delayed by scuffles. He was 19th in the intermediate classification on Saturday night and had to recover in the Finals. Most of the work was done during Prefinal A where he went up seven places. Starting from 6th in the Final, Alex continued to climb as the battle raged on all sides. He passed through all the traps and finally reached 3rd place.

The major revelation of the year, Alex Powell flew the Jamaican flag for the first time on the top step of an international championship like the WSK Final Cup. The record of the season is obviously very positive for a young 10-year-old driver whose future looks more than promising in motorsport.
“It has not been easy with all this rain, but I am delighted to have reached the podium in Adria,” said the Jamaican. “Winning a championship is a first experience for me and I think it’s a very enjoyable moment. With Energy Corse, I found the perfect team to reach the peaks. Once we have tasted victory, we only have one desire: to start again! Winning is of course my main goal for years to come.”